Resolving Acrobat PDF Viewing Problems

If you have a problem viewing an Acrobat PDF document on the MatStat web site, four approaches are available to solve your problem. (You may find it convenient to print this page to use as a checklist.)

Approach 1: Update Acrobat and Change Preferences

  1. Ensure that you have the latest version of the free Acrobat reader installed on your computer. The latest version of the reader is available by clicking here. (The latest commercial version of Acrobat is also acceptable.)
  2. Open the Acrobat reader (or commercial Acrobat) and select Edit, Preferences.
  3. (If you are using the commercial version of Acrobat, select General.)
  4. Click on "Options" in the list on the left of the Preferences dialog box.
  5. In the Web Browser Options section in the top right of the dialog box, ensure that "Display PDF in Browser" has a check-mark in the small box to the left of it. (You can click in the small box to turn the check-mark on or off.)
  6. Click OK at the bottom of the dialog box.
  7. Exit from Acrobat.
  8. If your computer is low on memory or if it crashes sometimes, restart it.
  9. If the "Display PDF in Browser" option did not previously have a check-mark beside it, go back to your web browser and try again to view the PDF document by clicking on the link.

Approach 2: Right-Click on the Document Link

  1. Try right-clicking on the link for the PDF document and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" from the menu that appears. Follow the prompts to save the document on your computer in the directory of your choice. Note of the name of the directory and the name of the file because you need them in the next step.
  2. Find the file you saved in the previous step in "My Computer" (or in another list of files on your computer) and double-click on the file name. This should start your version of Acrobat and it should open the file. Alternatively, you can start your version of Acrobat manually and then open the file from inside Acrobat.

You can use your browser's "Back" button to return from the current page to the previous page to allow you to try this option.

Approach 3: Use Another Web Browser

You may want to try using another web browser. Some popular browsers with links to their home pages are

Approach 4: Send Us an E-mail

If all the above approaches are unsatisfactory, please send an e-mail to requesting the file or files you wish to view, and we will be pleased to send them to you as an e-mail attachment.

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